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Friday, 11 August 2017

Back to school!

Hi guys!
As we all know, school is approaching (Too fast!), so I thought i would do the typical back to school series on both here and on my Instagram (will be below as always!) so there will be a load of different kinds of posts on here, spanning the rest of this month, and all of September and October. I will be doing OOTDs, playlist, Makeup ideas, how to cope with friends moving class/school/or away (this is mainly for 6th formers but not restricted to them) and maybe revision tips. I can't wait to start and drag my friends into helping me do the posts and of course I hope you all enjoy it as much as me, because it's something completely different.
I can't wait! see you on Sunday at 10AM for the first blog post!
love from
Ebonydaylightt x x x x
Insta: @ebonydaylightt 

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